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  • Ela

    ''I love her Cadbury milk cheese tarts the most. It's my personal favorite!

  • Naina

    '' An upgrade from your usual regular Ondeh Ondeh tarts! The butterscotch toppings were amazing!''

  • Chocorice, tarts, lovebakesbyk


    ''Lovejar got me hooked at first crunch!''

  • Deanna

    ''Her nutella tarts - my mad favorite!''

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Are your bakeries halal certified?

We are not halal certified, but we are Muslims owned bakery and all of our ingredients used for baking is halal.

Other than doorstep delivery, do you accept self collection?

Yes. Self collection is available too from 714 Clementi West Street 2 Singapore 120714.
Pick up can be done once you have received the confirmation that your order is ready.
Same goes for doorstep delivery.